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Our Mission: To Provide Each and Every Client an Unmatchable Service Experience

Akrosteam Carpet Cleaning History

In July of 1990, Lee Q. Lewis had just returned from a sixteen month job assignment in the Cayman Islands, where he had finished overseeing the construction, hiring and opening of the first Wendy's restaurant on the island. Lee had just completed the awesome experience of being allowed to test and practice his business skills in operating a business. Returning to Akron, Lee was committed to two things; He was preparing for the arrival of his first child and opening his own business. Within six weeks, the buying of Akrosteam Carpet Cleaning became his business dream come true.

Lee, knowing very little about the industry, started out by relying very heavily on his existing staff. Lee knew one thing; he wanted Akrosteam and his staff to become the very best carpet cleaning company in Akron, Ohio. He realized then and believes even more today in the philosophy that education and training would be the key to his company's success. Keeping Akrosteam up to date with new technology and training is his passion. The company spends countless hours per year in training seminars, certification classes and making themselves available for analysis with clients, distributors and fellow carpet cleaning companies. Lee is vice president of the local trade association S.C.R.T. - Society for Cleaning, Restoration Technicians which presently has 50 members from NE Ohio.

In September of 1993, the arrival of Tony Magnani, a friend and associate from Wendy's became an important cornerstone piece to Akrosteam and their ability to delivery an exceptional customer experience.

Thanks to the dedication of past and present staff members, Akrosteam has grown into a multi-truck operation. Their goal is to deliver a carpet cleaning experience that our clients have never experienced before.

One of Lee's beliefs is better client and customer information, which is why we have had this information filled website developed. Akrosteam is committed to providing clients with the correct and proper information about carpet and hard surface maintenance. Unfortunately, our industry is filled with uneducated, uninformed or downright unscrupulous carpet cleaners and cleaning companies. If we can help educate clients on the importance of proper cleaning techniques and procedures, regardless if they choose to have Akrosteam service their cleaning needs, I am confident they will make the best cleaning choice for their family or business.