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2000 YouTube Subscribers

Missoula Chamber of Commerce Member

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Missoula Mastermind


5-Star Google Rating

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Easy 5 Star Reviews

Finding a marketing partner that you can trust is one of the most important decisions you can make as a small business owner. That's why at Big West Marketing our number one goal is to make sure we are always on the same page. No hype. No confusing techie talk. No over-promising. Just real people helping real people succeed online.

We believe good communication is the key to results.

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You started your business to gain freedom and create security for your family. Somewhere along the way things got complicated and you realized how important Internet Marketing is to your success. The BIG problem is that you are overwhelmed with conflicting information everywhere you turn. What should you do yourself and what can you hire out? What really works and what is a waste of time? Since 2009, with over 850 happy clients, the team at Big West Marketing decided to focus on simplifying the process. What we found was that most business owners don’t need more information, they need a simple straight-forward plan. One that is unique to their business and will ensure the best chance for success.

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What To Expect

Search engine optimization isn't something that's optional for most businesses today. If you're at a point where your SEO tasks are becoming too demanding or you simply don't know where to get started, you may be benefit from the services of a company with solid understanding of online marketing.

With all the companies out there offering SEO, who do you choose to get a leg up on your competition and get a positive return on investment.

Here are some things to look for as you search for the right company:

1. Ability to Adapt Services

You're not going to get much return on your investment from an SEO company that views every client as the same regardless of the industry. In today's competitive online environment, you want a company that can adapt its services to your specific priorities and needs. This is exactly how Big West Marketing approaches each client relationship. Our clients also benefit from:

• Customized strategies
• Different pricing plans
• Flexibility as needs change

2. Solid Understanding of Keywords

Keywords have always been the heart of SEO. The company you partner with needs to be aware of how keyword strategies have evolved. Our approach is to do a thorough analysis to see what people searching for to find what they want. We also provide clients with:

• An assessment of current keywords
• An identification of keywords that could/should be used
• Suggestions on alternative keywords
• Detailed reports highlighting keywords that can increase traffic

3. Responsive Customer Service

Accessibility should also be a factor when selecting a company. There's something to be said for actually being able to reach someone when you have a question about results, traffic, leads, and conversions. Fortunately, we have a client-centered approach to doing business. We realize the importance of:

• Ongoing research and development to better serve our clients
• Being readily available to respond to questions
• Addressing potential issues asap

4. Delivering Timely Results

Going after a specific niche audience online often means there will be a lot of competition for those potential consumers. This is why you a company that's going to not only do thorough research, but act on those results in a timely manner so you can grow your business. We work to:

• Boosting clients results effectively
• Understanding the importance of delivering results quickly
• Implementing strategies rather than simply talking about them

5. Commitment to Quality

Whether you need Web design work to make your site more mobile-friendly, or your main focus is on having top-ranking keywords, the company you team up with should have a firm commitment to producing high-quality results. Luckily, high-quality work that coverts doesn't have to break your budget. We're proud to offer:

• Quality product for reasonable prices
• Up-front pricing options including our Easy Pay Program
• Proven results that deliver

6. Customized Link Strategies

Keywords are great, but search engines consider the quality of internal and external links when ranking webpages. An effective SEO company knows that quality external links are more important than quantity, which search engines consider when determining authority and relevance. Our link-building approach is to:

• Use internal links to make navigation easier
• Perform a analysis of existing links
• Periodically evaluate links and make meaningful improvements

7. Keeping the End Game In Mind

Ultimately, you want to choose a company that will keep the user experience in mind when it comes to your website. The end game for any business today is to connect with its audiences in a way that encourages lasting relationships beyond simply getting a click, tap, or conversion. Our ultimate goal is to:

• Develop catered marketing strategies
• Increase brand visibility and website exposure
• Grow revenues and maximize ROI as much as possible

8. Final Thoughts

Keep these tips in mind and you'll likely make a choice that's right for your needs and budget. Not only will you increase your odds of making a smart investment, you'll likely see results that matter to you when it comes to website ranking on Google and other leading search engines (SERPs). Final thing to keep in mind:

• Experience and commitment
• Adaptability for your business and area
• Focus on results

Why Choose Big West Marketing?

We know firsthand how competitive some of the major markets can be today. The team at Big West Marketing understands how to get the edge over competitors and rank even when there's a lot of competition for keywords and placement on search engines. And this is the kind of expertise that will allow us to deliver meaningful results for your business.

More than 90 percent of online searchers do not go past the first page of search results. So, if you're not on the first page of Google's listings when people search for your business or the products and services you happen to offer, you're pretty much invisible online. Having a prime placement online is important today because more than 70 percent of online searchers grab their smartphone to look for local business info and more than 60 percent of those potential consumers take some type of action based on the information they find.

We have a dedicated Web design and marketing team ready to get to work for you. We'll get your website optimized for today's mobile searchers (more people now search with mobile devices than PCs) and use proven techniques to make you stand out online from your competitors. We'll get you started with a free consultation and thorough, honest assessment of your search engine optimization and Web design needs.

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Thank you Joe for all your help!

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe and his team for over 10 years now! There is so much confusion, scams, and misunderstood SEO information out there it’s hard to trust who you should believe. Before I met Joe, I went through a couple bad SEO services.  Joe and his team are very transparent on what they are doing and the strategies they use.  They are experts in the industry and always a step ahead of the latest google updates.  SEO marketing is constantly changing and evolving. It's hard to keep up with everything. I know that Joe and the team are working hard on my SEO, and we are achieving great results! This allows me to focus on my operations, and grow my business.  Lars Crampton, JC’S Carpet Cleaning & Restoration