Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Washing

Q: What are those black stains on my roof?
A: Those streaks are from a black algae called gleocapsamagma. This is a form of algae and the streaking is the result of rainfall making it streak down the roof. This algae is feeding from the limestone and other minerals that make up your shingle and reflect the sunlight, resulting in a lack of cooling efficiency and causing your electricity bills to increase.

Q: Will your solution hurt my plants or animals?
A: NO, our solution is eco-friendly. special care is taken to ensure that your plants and animals are not harmed. We make sure your plants are hydrated before we start, and continue rinsing during the cleaning. After the roof washing solution is applied, we will give the plants one more rinse. We also bag the gutters, to ensure that any run-off from the gutter will be captured.
We love our furry friends, and we do our part to keep a happy and healthy eco system!

Q: Will you damage my roof?
A: Absolutely not! we NEVER USE PRESSURE on roofing shingles. wen use a pump that has the same pressure as your exterior faucet. Our eco-safe proprietary solution is what does the cleaning, along with following the technique recommended by ARMA (American Roofing Manufactures Association) to ensure a professional cleaning.

Q: Will you charge me to inspect my roof?
A: No, we never charge for a roof estimate. We want you to feel very comfortable when you invite us to your home. we will give you a detailed assessment of the fungus or algae infestation on your roof, and make sure you understand what is on your shingles and the process to resolve it. If the roof is beyond cleaning, we will be happy to give you names of a few local roofing contractors that we trust.

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