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Welcome to Citrus Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Citrus Carpet & Tile Cleaning started in 2007. We quickly realized that our new customers had been starving for a company that did not use “bait and switch” tactics and still produce inferior results. All our locations employ flat rate pricing with honesty as our core value. We are committed to using the latest technology and Eco-friendly solutions for your cleaning needs. We have trained all of our employees and Franchise owners to master the art of cleaning to retain our valuable customers.
Citrus Carpet & Tile Cleaning has developed the most efficient and effective methods available to GUARANTEE you get the optimal cleaning experience. We have trained all our employees and Franchise owners to master the art of cleaning in order to retain our valuable customers.
If you do not see a location near you then we are ready to pass on this information to prospective franchisees.

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When considering starting a Carpet and Tile Cleaning Business there are usually three choices for equipment.

These choices are as follows:


Current Franchise offerings

These are franchisors that offer a package for $40,000 and you get about $4,000 worth of equipment. This usually consists of a backpack sprayer, carpet agitating machine, vacuum, and no or cheap extraction equipment. After starting, you quickly realize you are going to need more equipment which is usually not approved because you have locked yourself in to their cookie cutter processes. They also lock you into buying their “special” chemicals and a percentage of your gross income as the royalty fee. Your customers will ask “where is the dirty water going?” and you will have to do a song and dance to
get out the door.

Portable Machines

These machines can be very effective but limited to their actual portability. They require you to either hook up to the customers water or fill up the large reservoirs on the machine. It’s then that you realize this small Zamboni is not as portable as it claims. Just loading this monster in and out of your vehicle can be a real challenge and forget dragging it up a flight of stairs. The biggest units require a lot of electricity which can also be a problem in some homes.


A top of the line truck mount and van can cost over $80,000. Although these setups are extremely effective they come with many downfalls. Most truck mounts cannot reach over 150 feet from the van without losing significant performance. Forget trying to clean high rise condos or large commercial buildings without also carrying a portable machine. Truck mounts have a limited number of hours, after which you will need to consider buying another one. If they breakdown so does your business. They require ongoing tune ups and maintenance and if you are not near a company that can service the
machine then you better be very mechanically inclined or cancel your jobs for the week and travel to the nearest service location. All of this requires a lot of gasoline and when gas prices rise your profit margins fall.


Citrus Carpet & Tile Cleaning has developed the most efficient and effective methods available to help you be successful. Our goal is to spread this opportunity far and wide to help all the people thinking about starting a Carpet and Tile cleaning business. Our price for a franchise is $27,500 and that includes all the equipment necessary to be the best at what you do. Please call 904-599-8660 to inquire about starting your franchise.

Hear from Our Happy Customers:

"I used Citrus Carpet Cleaning yesterday after finding them on Google, I have to say that first off we made an appointment for 9:00am and they were there on the dot! The job they performed was perfect, they made my carpet look as it did the day I moved into my house! I am very pleased with there service, the price was very fair and the staff were very polite. I highly recommend this company to everyone."

~ Gary

"Thankful to have a honest, professional and quality company come into my home. Scheduling was easy and Bill worked with me on my timeline. I really loved that they have eco-friendly products safe for my family of 5. My home is all set for the summer, smells amazing and the carpet and tile are just as new again! I definitely recommend this sweet and professional family owned and operated company!"

~ Sara

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