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Area Rug Cleaning Oceanside, Rockville Centre, Merrick Long Island

Our Low Moisture Process works extremely well on all types of area rugs and can be done in your home allowing us to keep the pricing down on Area Rug Cleaning. When we are done cleaning your rug it will be wet but won’t penetrate to the backing, we can lift the carpet up and the backing of the rug will be completely dry so we don’t have to worry about damaging wood or tile floors.

We can pick up your rugs and clean them in our facility or clean them in your home the choice is yours.

From Wools, Silks, Persians or Orientals we clean all types of rugs and you will be extremely happy you made the right choice.

We Offer Free Pick Up And Delivery For Your Convenience.

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Rug Moth Removal Manhattan and Long Island

We have removed these little critters with great success over the past years. The damage these clothe moths cause is not to be believed. The biggest problem is you don’t even know you have them until its too late.

The first sign is you see the adult moths flying around usually where the infestation is, they are harmless but where there are adults there is their larvae and that’s what does the destruction. The places they love to do their damage are dark areas that are undisturbed like behind couches or furniture. The larvae feed on protein, wool and love dirty carpets and for some reason if theirs pet urine on the rug that’s where they’ll start.

Area-RugThe beginning signs of the infestation look like sticky lint or webs on the underside of your rug; the underside is where they always start so by the time you notice damage to the topside of the rug they have been eating at the rug for possibly months.


Vacuum frequently.
Clean rugs once a year.
Pheromone traps for adults.
Check areas behind sofas & furniture.
First signs a sticky lint or web on underside.