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Lionz Cleaning Crew -
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Lionz Cleaning Crew is a growing company that started servicing a small Suffolk county community area. Through out the years Lionz has expanded its services throughout all of Suffolk and Nassau county, where we provide the finest service in the cleaning and restoration industry. From those humble beginning is where Lionz established its true essences of integrity, which sets us apart from the rest. This is our history and our building blocks that contributes to our success and longevity in the cleaning and restoration industry. The impression that we instill in all our staff is a keen sense of professionalism and a detail oriented service to all of our clients.

As the demand for our services have grown over the years, what once was a small power washing company has now developed into a full blown industry leader in the cleaning and restoration business. These accomplishments are greatly accredited to the founding partnership of Peter Bruny and Andres Gallego, and their creative ideas and visions of a full service oriented and environmentally conscientious company. We play our part in improving the environment, by promoting the use of biodegradable and green seal certified products.

Reviews from Our Clients

quotation"Barry’s performance, attention to detail, and overall professionalism resulted in our being extremely satisfied! Excellent value!"

~ Peter Brown

quotation"Your service was great, I can’t think of any need for improvement. I would hire you again because you did a very thorough job."

~ Gail Markson

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