Fire DamageThe emergency is over after the fire trucks leave, but this is when the real costs of the disaster begin. You require the skills of a professional restoration service to return your property to its prior state. This is not a do-it-yourself task. You need the knowledge and experience of the Restoration Doctor to bring your property back from fire damage.

Services for Emergency Fire Damage
When we arrive on the scene after the fire, our first priority is to secure your home. We do this by taking a detailed inventory of the contents and moving them to a climate-controlled storage environment.

Restoring Your Precious Belongings
After a fire, it is not always necessary to replace belongings. Modern restoration methods allow heirlooms, appliances, computers and furniture to be successfully returned to their pre-loss state. This will bring peace of mind as you rebuild.

Getting You Back to Your Life
The first step is neutralizing the smoke odor, which can settle into everything in the home. If only one part of your house is going to be restored, we have the skills to match the existing finishes, designs and other materials to make it look exactly like the remaining structure.

Choosing a Fire Damage
Restoration Company

  • Proper training in restoration
  • Certified in both safety and health procedures
  • Past experience in a variety of restoration jobs
  • Legally licensed with insurance proof

Fire Damage RestorationThe longer a homeowner waits to begin the restoration process, the more damage that will result, which will increase the cost of the job. Cleaning, corrosion control and smoke neutralization must begin immediately to save as many belongings as possible. In addition, soot residue causes irreversible discoloration if it is not cleaned up in a timely manner.

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