Mold!Mold remediation is every homeowner's worst nightmare. It's when microbial growth damages your home's structural integrity. Not only can it lead to walls and floors falling apart, it can cause serious health issues for you and your family. Common symptoms include serious respiratory issues and headaches.

It might seem like detecting moisture would be easy, but the truth is it can often go undetected. In fact, hidden moisture can often spread and lead to hazardous mold growth. This happens when water damage isn't taken care of properly.

That's why using a water damage restoration company is usually preferable to a DIY fix. They know what to look for and how to safely and securely replace water damaged patches.

Virginia's Mold Experts

With a highly trained staff of microbial remediation specialists, we know exactly how to handle water damage without cross-contamination. We take great pride in our expert workmanship and knowledgeable staff - and so do our customers. There's a reason we're one of the leading microbial mitigation experts. 


Restoration Doctor's Steps to Mold Remediation 

  • We decide the scope of work and identify any and all critical contaminants. We also identify any barriers.
  • We look at the types of mold and environmental remediation.
  • We decontaminate all of the affected area as well as HVAC systems.
  • We take the time to dehumidify the area and eliminate the odors from any remaining materials.
  • We then complete the reconstruction of the area.Restoration Doctor


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