Using the most modern tools, Restoration Doctor has built a name for being a leader in fire and water damage restoration services. Amongst the tools at Restoration Doctor’s disposal is thermal imaging.

What is thermal imaging? It is a cutting edge technology that uses digital photos, moisture mapping and diagramming to assess water infiltration. This allows for a more non-intrusive approach to addressing water damage. It also has the advantage of being much faster than other methods, because the technology can detect water infiltration in areas not easily visible to the human eye.

Thermal Image Services

For addressing storm damage, Restoration Doctor is the one to call. With a combination of tools and techniques, problems can be remedied quickly and effectively.

How do we help? We remove standing water, provide temperature control of the affected area, enable water evaporation, and utilize dehumidification and desiccant dryers.

We use thermal imaging in addressing problems. This is a non-intrusive way for our technicians to easily and effectively assess the situation.

Our company not only offers the best equipment to address damage from a disaster, we also bring a real knowledge of the industry. Clients know us for expertise, quality, and caring.

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