Homes can be stressful enough without water damage. But once water damage happens, you can start feeling the headache right away. It also leaves you with a lot of questions - How much do repairs like this cost? How can you make sure this will never happen again? Does insurance even cover this?

To help you understand your situation a bit better, we've put a list of helpful info together.

Here is our quick rundown of what you need to know:

Water Extraction is the removal of water in its liquid state. Why is it done this way? Because removing water in its liquid state is 500x more efficient than changing the liquid to steam or vapor, then removing the vapor using a dehumidification process. We use specialty tools that have been designed for this purpose to maximize the amount of water we get out of items such as cushions and carpets. Two such tools are the Water Claw and the Hydro-X Extreme.

Flooded Home Water Extraction use tools that take more time, which means that you'll be paying a higher line item charge. However, it typically reduces the number of days you need to rent equipment. This is because they are far more efficient.

No job is too big or too small for Restoration Doctor. Whether it's a leaky roof, flooded basement, water-happy washer, busted water heater, or something else, we have the experience to fix it. Let us save you time, money, and stress.

This is truly the kind of job that can't be done with a DIY fix. To properly dry out the affected areas quickly requires specialty equipment and trade methods. It also requires trained specialists who are certified to do the job and trained to do it to our standards. The best part is that we provide our services 24/7, meaning that you get our help when you need it when it happens. Just give us a call, and we'll be there!

Our Services

  • We dry out ANY affected area in your home, including padding, furniture, walls, and carpet!
  • We clean and restore your personal possessions as well as household goods.
  • We offer mildew and mold remediation.
  • We don't just fix water damage, we locate and repair water leaks.
  • We also offer complete reconstruction services.


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